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Dramatical, Theatrical, and Highly Emphatical

New #blog post on my 1st #Operetta #GilbertSullivan #theatre

grand duke

The title of this post pays tribute to the whimsical and often completely nonsensical lyrics of Gilbert and Sullivan, that famed duo credited with the creation of 14 operettas. Tonight begins closing weekend for my first operetta experience, The Grand Duke, which is the last in the G&S canon and undoubtedly one of the most ridiculous.

With this production, The Savoyaires mark their 50th…

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Sunday Essence

New #blog post: Sunday Essence. #poetry #twentysomethings

I believe this past Sunday was one of the most fulfilling I have enjoyed in some time. A perfect summer day in September, sparkling with gentle rays of sunshine, complemented by a soothing light breeze across blue skies. With those elements in place, how can one not embrace such a day?

It was embraced joyfully, beginning with lovely drive down Lake Shore Drive to a challenging morning ballet…

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