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lockedinabirdcage asked: Hi! I saw you posted about auditioning for Summerstock at Kent State & I'm auditioning at the Trumbull branch next week for Hairspray but I'm really nervous because I've never been in a musical before & never done Summerstock. Anything I should know?

Hi there!

Yes, I performed there a few years ago in a production of Seussical. Very easygoing, no pressure environment. Hairspray is one of my favorite shows— just have a good time, and the director will have fun too. Choose an upbeat song from the 1960s or a similar pop musical— usually 32 measures  or 30 seconds—-smile and have a blast!

As for the dance portion, again, be full of life and energized. I’ve choreographed this show before, and that’s what I look for when casting people. Even if the steps aren’t perfect— if the smile is there, you are golden! :)

Break legs!

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Spread Thin

New blog post!

A recent post from my friend Vanessahas opened up a few feelings that I’ve shut away for quite a while.  Like myself, Vanessa recently enjoyed an extended visit to her hometown. We’ve also shared similar feelings of being split between two cities and two lives. Since I came to Chicago last August for my internship, this feeling of not quite belonging has constantly pulled at me. I was not only…

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Spring Things

Happy April 1st, everyone!

While spring may have technically started a few weeks ago, I declare today the true beginning of the season. This is the first time spring has had the audacity to truly show itself, and the results are brilliant. Sunshine, blue skies, and temperatures above 60 degrees…it’s time to feel alive again and finally dismantle those Christmas lights!

Shaking off the winter…

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