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New blog post: "Bye Bye, Birdie!"

One production down, two to go!

Our run of Bye Bye, Birdie at the Huron Playhouse opened the season with fantastic audiences and great reviews; the energy of the cast and crew definitely carried the crowd off their feet in love of Conrad Birdie! We played to a full house every night, and the enjoyment of the audience was tangible in their laughter and cheers at the antics of small-town, Sweet Apple citizens.

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New Blog Post: "What the Story, Morning Glory?"

Finally! Updates from summer stock at the Huron Playhouse:

We are already approaching Week 4 here at Huron, and I haven’t had any time to write updates! So, on my last free Saturday evening of the season, I will give you the story, morning glory.

The Huron company and staff are absolutely wonderful! They are so kind and caring, and they show true dedication to the art of theater. The surrounding community is also amazingly supportive and friendly, as I have seen in my short time here. 


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New Blog Post: "Show Me How You Burlesque"

The dancers of the YSU Dance Ensemble enjoyed a great “turn-out” at our annual concert last weekend! Invariably, the concert always falls on the weekend before finals week, so we don’t usually get massive attendance from the student body. This year, however, the campus came out in full force to support our efforts, and we did our best to put on a fabulous show! Audience members expressed consistent positive reviews on the quality of the concert, and many were pleasantly surprised at the versatility of our thirty dancers. 


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New blog post: "Always Chasing Rainbows"

Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar & Grille was a resounding success! Although opening weekend attendance got off to a slow start (being Easter weekend), we had standing-room only crowds for closing weekend. Word spread quickly across campus and throughout the community- this was a show you did not want to miss! It was so wonderful to see support from the faculty and the student body: The Student Government Association, the University Scholars, and the Student Nonprofit Leadership Organization came out in full force! Thanks, everyone! 

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New blog post: "New Internship!"

Opening my fortune cookie this evening, I was surprised to read a startlingly accurate piece of Chinese take-out wisdom: “An old friend introduces you to new people and pleasures.” How fitting for my life at this moment! I have just started a wonderful new internship, and my supervisor is actually an old family friend who is simply marvelous! My fortune cookie does not lie!

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New blog post: "Steam Heat"

For as long as I can remember, I have always appreciated watching talent. Watching it, learning from it, but most of all, being inspired by it. As I observe artists achieving successes, I rejoice for them and recognize that their artistry touches people in so many ways. But lately, I have been feeling another emotion as I watch performances, read news articles, and listen to updates about the creative world. Lately, this feeling has been rising inside of me, heating my soul until it cries out for a release of the tension. I would like to say that I’ve simply got “steam heat,” but I’ve got something much more than that. What I have is pure, fiery passion. 


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New Blog Post: The Year in Review: 2011

So. Here we are again, at the end of another year. As I look forward to the excitement that accompanies a new year, I also reflect on the things I have accomplished in the past year. It’s a great way to measure personal growth and evaluate progress on various goals.

I consider this past year significant in terms of stepping out of my comfort zone and getting the “dirty work” done so I can spend the remainder of my college career having fun. Yes, fun! Now that I have completed many major requirements for my degree, I can take a small breath of relief as I continue to take on new and exciting challenges in other areas of my life. Here is my year in review:


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New blog post: "Always Remember"

Ten years later, I stand at a candlelit memorial service in the center of my college campus, joining in a collective remembrance and a call for peace, goodwill, and harmony. I watch the flames flicker across the faces of strangers united by faith and hope in the power of prayer. We reflect on multi-denominational readings under a full moon, gently beaming its tranquil light on an American flag flying at half-mast. As we extinguish the candles, our souls remain illuminated from this shared experience, and we walk away united in understanding. We will always remember September 11…

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