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New Blog Post: "Back in Action"

It’s official! I just signed my contract with the Huron Playhouse, Ohio’s oldest summer theater. I will be joining Huron as a company member and an assistant choreographer. I can’t wait to begin rehearsals for the summer season and meet my fellow company members! From what I have heard, everyone seems to be encouraging, supportive, enthusiastic, and genuine. Sounds like a perfect combination for a successful summer!

The show schedule for this summer is as follows:

June 26-30: BYE BYE BIRDIE
July 17-21: GREATER TUNA
July 24-28: CAROUSEL


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New blog post: Resolutions, Goals, and Aspirations: 2012

A small list of areas in which I will focus my energies this new year:

  1. Continue to refine my performance skills.
  2. Audition like a madwoman for summer jobs.
  3. Develop more physical strength and endurance (hello, gym!).
  4. Start seriously saving my finances for my future exodus after college…destination NYC?
  5. Learn how to say “no” and recognize when I reach my limits.

That’s about it. Number 5, in particular, is significant. My biggest challenge will be to cut back on the insanity of my schedule. That won’t happen until the fall semester, as the spring already looks to be insane, but it’s a good goal to strive for!

Look out, 2012! Kayla is ready for serious action.

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