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Artist David Kracov was commissioned to create an award to be given in honor of, and named for, the late director of Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl.

Called the “Book Of Life,” it was inspired by the extraordinary life of Rabbi Yossi Raichik, a man who saved thousands of children’s lives from the devastating effects of the Chernobyl disaster. The metal sculpture has pages filled with words from those he touched, and also features a flurry of butterflies, each representing the 2,547 children he helped save and give new lives.

The Book of Life, by David Kracov.

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Something’s Coming…


Spring semester 2011 is finally over. It was a hard battle, but I achieved victory with my continued 4.0 GPA. That one nearly did me in. I am praying that the fall is much smoother.

And now…summer break! Right? Nope. No summer break for me. I’m doing a 300 hour internship all summer long to fulfill my nonprofit leadership requirements. I’m excited to gain the experience— I’ll actually put my skills to use by doing press releases, radio scripts, e-newsletters, special events, and grant research— but I’m rather sad that I went straight from school to interning. No rest for the weary.

On the upside, this weekend gave a much-needed jumpstart to my creative side. My production of Hairspray was a smash; the cast did a great job with my choreography. I was overwhelmed by the sincerity and appreciation expressed by the directors and students; I would love to return next year for another show.   

I was able to perform myself this Sunday in Ballet Western Reserve’s spring gala, as a featured guest artist. What a thrill to be back on the boards, after a five-month hiatus! Wow, was it really that long? Oh my gosh, I will never do that to myself again. Not that I wasn’t active during that time, having choreographed two shows, tackled a full courseload, worked part-time, volunteered for various causes, attended nonprofit seminars, and served as an officer for two student organizations… I think a little part of my soul died this semester. But it’s bouncing back!

During Sunday’s two shows, I performed the “Maria Cha-Cha” from West Side Story, “If They Could See Me Now” from Sweet Charity, and “The Charleston” from The Boyfriend. The first two were personal dream roles, and the last one featured a stunning scarlet costume with sequins and frills, woohoo! I adored the entire experience, especially the opportunity to connect with the artistic staff.

Up next: doing the ballet’s summer intensive, possibly performing in a local production of The Marvelous Wonderettes, and beginning rehearsals for A Streetcar Named Desire. And auditioning for more productions in the fall.

Look out world, here I come!

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Today, I was cast in our university’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennesse Williams; I will be playing Stella. Rehearsals begin August 22, and the production runs September 29 - October 9, 2011.

I’m both happy and anxious; this will be the most challenging role I’ve played to date. Wish me luck!

More information on the YSU 2011-2012 Theater Season:

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Puddle Jumping


                                  vast seas of

Feet scamper around


                                     how to  

Not knowing exactly


                                   from the clouds

These wondrous gifts

                                                                the water,                        

                                   and delight in

Rubber boots splash

                                                                to stay.

                                   spring is here 

A sure sign that

Kayla Boye, 2011.

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Salty waves creep toward the shore;
Their foamy fingers touch powdered-sugar sand.
Sea birds glide searching for more
Tidbits and offerings from a friendly hand.

Children scamper from the waters,
Amazed at the salty sweetness,
Showing glistening shells to waiting mothers,
Today happy, free, and careless.

Under the sun they bask and lay
On a soft dry towels within reach,
Treasuring just one more day
In paradise, this beach.
Kayla Boye, 2011.

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Temporary Turrets

I watched him build his castle,
Determined to make his art.
An architect of fine granules,
With a sand palace in his heart.

Scooping and piling, he refined the dunes
Into a masterpiece
Admired and studied by beachcombers,
Taking pictures at his acquiesce.

So much pride held up those walls
Made from crystal, shells, and grit.
Next day waves and winds will crumble
Not caring what he’d writ.

The fleeting nature of the sand castle:
Built by many and always washed away.
An inevitable occurrence
Repeated at the beach every day.
Kayla Boye, 2011.

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