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When I was in Hairspray I got tricked into wearing the bonnet cause I was new to the cast…because I was new and they said, “Oh do you wanna wear the bonnet?” and I didn’t know what that meant but I knew that I wanted to do it. So I said yes; cut to me having to wear, like, nude dance trunks with full body paint and some sort of weird—I looked like a gay yeti. It was like rainbow-colored hair that was wrapped around me in some sort of…crystal meth…induced…fury of creativity.

Andrew Rannells in an interview about the Broadway Easter Bonnet Fundraiser

Now there’s an image. 

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Cutest movie I’ve seen in a while. HE’S SO FLUFFY!!! If you don’t want to hug these bunnies…you have no heart. ;) I highly recommend it as a sweet, cute escape from the craziness of spring semester.

I went to see HOP with Mom and Dad…we finished off our pleasant evening with delicious desserts from Steak ‘N’ Shake…I ordered an awesome chocolate milkshake. Yum!

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