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New blog post (finally!): Revisiting Summer Vacation

Part 1, Clearwater Beach, FL.
Day 1: Spent most of the day traveling, but thankfully, we had a direct flight to the Sunshine State. Our greatest fear was that Florida would live up to its reputation of rainy summer weather, and our fears seemed confirmed when we were greeted by thunderstorms and showers. Not a great way to start…but then the clouds parted to reveal the sun, glistening peacefully on the sparkling ocean waters and shining warmth into my heart. My spirits lifted instantly.
We drove across the causeway, blasting Lonely Island’s epic “Jack Sparrow” and screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs. We made our way to Mandalay Avenue, home of the hotels along Clearwater Beach, and checked in at the beautiful Hilton. Our balcony opened directly onto the ocean, and we all scrambled to take in the view…

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