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I think my mind has become severely compromised due to the multitude of projects that I (a) have completed (b) am freaking out about (c) am grimly preparing myself for. Did you see that? I ended a sentence with “for.” That’s when you know it’s bad. I can’t even see the letters straight anymore.

Today, I:

  1. Relished my extra hour of sleep because of a cancelled class.
  2. Worked at the WC for 3 hours.
  3. Was the only staff member to show up for a magazine staff meeting. Yeah. Real dedication there, people!
  4. Distributed surveys to my suite-mates for my PWE class (thanks, girls!).
  5. Met my Dad and switched cars so mine can be fixed tomorrow.
  6. Interviewed my awesome Little Scholar for my News Reporting class (thanks, Jacob!).
  7. Finished my John Donne analysis on “Holy Sonnet V.” Yep. So Donne with him. Thank God.
  8. Started sending off press releases to university officials for my book drive.
  9. Finished my night by writing a depressing obituary for aforementioned News Reporting class.
  10. Turned to Tumblr to brighten my spirits.
  11. Steamy shower time, then blessed sleep.

Good night, everyone.

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