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CSO Does Gershwin

New blog post: #CSO Does #Gershwin


Have you ever heard a piece of music so moving that it made you cry? Not necessarily because it was a sad piece, but because it stirred something so deep and true within your soul? That’s how I feel about the work of George Gershwin, particularly his amazing composition of An American in Paris. Written in 1928, the symphony continues to enjoy incredible popularity and recognition, helped along by…

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Master Works: The Degas Plays

New blog post…Master Works: The Degas Plays

I’m excited to share that I will be performing with Commedia Beauregard in their upcoming Master Works: The Degas Plays. This is such a cool concept, featuring new six new plays by local playwrights inspired by the Impressionist paintings of Edgar Degas. My role will be based off Dancers at Rest, written by Cassandra Rose and directed by Abby Stark. The piece features ballet in dramatic context,…

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New Job!

New blog post! Week 1 Recap.


Week 1 of my new position at Writers Theatre has concluded, and there are so many things to discuss! I must have a knack for being busy, because it seems I chose the busiest week of the year to join the WT staff: Two press openings for The Dance of Death, an invited sing/read through of Days Like Today, and the Annual WordPlay Gala. Besides getting oriented and meeting new faces, this week’s…

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When the bed of roses palled, there were tiger skins.

The Deaf and Dumb Society reproved Aileen Pringle for this tender scene. Her lips were actually saying to Conrad Nagel, “If you drop me, you bastard, I’ll break your neck.”

- Three Weeks (1924)

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