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When Water Filters Attack…

Water. It’s a peaceful, serene, tranquil sort of thing. It can also scare the living crap out of you.

True Story:

This evening, as I innocently turned the faucet in the kitchen sink to fill my glass with crystal-clear, purified water, the water filter surprised me with a cruel sneak attack. IT EXPLODED. No lie. The water filter blew into smithereens and flew in all directions, narrowly missing my stunned face. Water was spraying EVERYWHERE, even onto my pink pajamas. I let out a shriek of terror and dropped my glass.

My mom, hearing my scream, ran downstairs and turned off the water. “What happened??” she asked.

Still spigot-shocked, I pointed at the sink. “It…it…it attacked me!” Oh my gosh! I nearly died!

Okay, so I didn’t nearly die. But I came pretty darn close. Scary stuff.

Watch out for those water filters. They can get you! 

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